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Copy the link you want to register (Ctrl+C) and click the Tagging button at the top left here or paste it anywhere (Ctrl+V) to display the registration popup. Alternatively, you can enter the link directly in the displayed registration pop-up or register your bookmarklet (see the link at the bottom of the pop-up) to use it.

On mobile, touch the address bar and then the copy icon (based on Chrome)

The clipboard permission request that you check when you click the tag button is only used for user convenience to add a link conveniently, and there is no problem in using the service even if you reject it. You can remove or add permissions at any time by clicking the lock at the top of your browser.

After confirming the entered information, input an appropriate title (replace with the link title if omitted) and tags, and click the Register button to register the link.

You can view or leave comments regarding the link by clicking the Discussion or Comments button of the registered link.

 button allows you to vote for registered posts. Additionally, the more votes a post has, the longer it can appear at the top for everyone to see.

 button allows you to tag your voted posts and keep them for later retrieval.

Click the Modify/Delete button to modify/delete a registered post. However, it is not possible to modify/delete posts that have been registered for more than one hour or have votes, tags, or comments on them.

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